The length of his lashes

Hisoka's abilities!


This is the big one, so putting it first. Hisoka has empathic skills that he cannot turn off, though he can focus on making them stronger. Obviously, if you the player don't want to reveal something, Micro can be blocking him at the time, but as his empathy is a torment to him I want to keep it where possible :)

SO. If you don't MIND him feeling your character's emotions, can you note them [in brackets] or (OOC: As a note) while we play? IT WOULD BE AWESOME IF YOU COULD. I'll try to link people to remind them when we thread and if people don't obviously he doesn't notice. It's opt-in, basically.

Regardless, normally in canon, his empathic abilities are:

1) ALL THE TIME he is picking up emotions from the scene around him.
2) He can sense people's "residual memories" even if they're not there, ie, he can track people by following their empathic "scent" they leave behind them.
3) Just because he can feel what someone's feeling doesn't mean he'll always understand it. For example, in his own canon, the rapist/murderer Muraki is so far from his own mindset that even when he feels Muraki's feelings they're too dark for him to wrap his mind around.
4) When he focusses, he can even see more explicit psychic details, ie, once he plays fortune teller and can tell someone "Nah, your boyfriend is obviously cheating on you", etc. However, in that scene, he's mostly telling people what they want to hear/what they believe in already.

Shinigami Skills
These skills will not normally come out, BUT CAN.

1) He can turn invisible when he focuses on it. If his concentration breaks he becomes visible again. This is known as "Ghost Form'. Those with supernatural powers or near to death can see him in Ghost Form. Obviously this wouldn't work if the chip didn't allow it, ie, to stay invisible on a naked day or something.

2) He can fly, but only in Ghost Form.

3) He can cause a force to put up a defensive barrier or attack. Think force-wall or energy arrows and things like that.

4) Incredible healing powers. Like, he can get cut from shoulder to opposite hip by a knife, have his eye ripped out, and be fine by later that night. He can stab himself in a hand through muscle and bone and have it heal within minutes. He's considered a top-ranking Shinigami in his healing skills and defensive barriers. Mind, it hurts as much as it would otherwise. He can still feel pain.

- Great archer (Classically trained as a member of old nobility)
- Good with a sword (Classically trained as a member of old nobility)

- CANNOT HOLD HIS BOOZE. Passing out, hangovers, etc.
- Has screaming nightmares almost every night.
- Passes out a lot due to sleeping badly.
- Passes out a lot due to forgetting to eat.
- Cursed. Whenever he gets too distressed, has nightmares, etc, or thinks too hard about the night he was raped or murdered, a pattern on his skin glows very obviously. I assume, since it's his curse activating, it's also exhausting and painful (which is implied by him occasionally stumbling to lean against a wall when it activates) but Hisoka never discusses it (which is normal for Hisoka even if it IS exhausting and painful, so I'm going to headcanon it that way anyway).